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Story Masterlist

' - ' Link to LJ/AO3
' = ' Link to fanfiction.net
'+' Story to come. (If something on the list isn't hyperlinked, it isn't finished yet.)

Work ranges across a variety of genres - general, crack, angst, horror. Most contain at least some element of romance, be it of the het, shonen, or shoujo variety. (Some are just downright weird.) Ratings go from K+ to M - each individual piece is marked appropriately, with its individual warnings. If you follow a link, read the warnings before going on.

= With a Wave of the Wand WIP, hiatus - Harry Potter/Yu-Gi-Oh
- Tomoyo and Ayame I | II | hiatus - Fruits Basket/Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles 

CLAMP Multiverse
Nihon Series: main Kurogane x Fai, mild Sakura x Syaoran, minor others
+ Rosemary and Thyme
- Apples
+ Metropolis
- Snowmen
+ Mary Mary
We Go Ever Onwards
Lantern Lights
+ Dusk
- Immersion
+ Moon-watching
+ Spring Date
+ Suwa
+ Autumn Snow
- Solstice
+ Magical Experimentation
+ Snowdrops
The Coming Storm
- Sky of Gold
- TwofoldII | III | IV | V | VI | VII

Oath Series: main Kurogane x Fai, minor others
+ Oath
- Vow
+ Promise

- Ever AfterII | III | omake | IV | V | VI | omake | VII | omake | VIII | IX | X | XI XII | XIII | XIV | XV | WIP
     (Kurogane x Fai, Sakura x Syaoran, Doumeki x Watanuki x Himawari...etc.)
- Triple Lutz | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | WIP 
     (Kurogane x Fai...etc.)
- Sleight | 2 | 3 | 4 | WIP
(Kurogane x Fai)
- What You Will WIP
     (Kurogane x Fai x Yuui)
- Black and White WIP
     (Kurogane x Yuui, Kurogane x Fai)
- Cracks
- Starlight Now | II | III | IV | V | WIP
     (Yuui x Fai, Kurogane x Fai, mild Kurogane x Yuui)

- A True Elsewhere: Kurogane x Fai, TRC Seishirou x Subaru, TRC Touya x Yukito...etc.
- This Cold Country: Kurogane x Yuui/Fai?
- Vision: mild TRC Eagle x Hikaru x Lantis
- Lolita: mild Kurogane x Fai and Sakura x Syaoran
- Visting Clow Reed I | II |
- 'Twas the Night Before Christmas...: Kurogane x Fai
- Confession: Horitsuba, Syaoron x Yuui, very mild Kurogane x Fai
- Kitchen Conspiracies
- Princess Princess: very mild one-sided Tomoyo x Sakura
- Aisle Number Eight: Kurogane x Fai
- Homecoming: Yuui x Fai
- Winterheart: Kurogane x Fai, mild Sakura x Syaoran
- Pains and Portents: mild Kurogane x Fai (x Yuui?)
- Reindeer, Ruminations and Retail: Kurogane x Fai
Delicate Things: mild Kurogane x Fai
- Man-Made Made Man: Kurogane x Fai
- Scale Factor: Kurogane x Fai
- The Retainer's Story (How even Great AU Ninja can be Vanquished by Knickers): Kurogane x Fai, Nameless Retainer

Drabblish/ Snippets
- AU, The Children of Valeria 
- AU, Sci-Fi: mild Kurogane x Fai
- Toybox
- Domestication
- Jacket
- Ten Shorts: Various (Watanuki; TRC Kendappa-ou; Horitsuba Kurogane, Yuui and Fai; Fai/Yuui's parents; Fai and Ashura-ou; Yue, Soel, Larg and others; Horitsuba Kurogane and Fai; Fai x Yuui; Saku and f!Fai; Kuroparents and Youou

Death Note
Ashes to Ashes Universe: mild Matt x Mello and Mello x L
= Ashes to Ashes WIP
= Flashfire
= In the Embers

- Stars, Hide Your Fires: mild L x Light
= Model Performance: Matt x Linda and Matt x Misa
= Pets: Light x Misa, mild Ryuk x Light
= Resurrection: mild Light x Misa
= Sister


- Pan | II | III | WIP
(France x England)
- Sugarplums | II | III | IV | V | WIP
(France x England, young America and Canada)
- The Movement of Language | || | ||| | WIP
(England x America, ensemble)

- Lumos: FrUK

Tarot Card Universe: Ryou x Yugi, Ryou x Y.n.Malik, Honda x Shizuka

Dragons Universe: Yugi x Mokuba, Rebecca x Noa, Anzu x Kaiba, Anzu x Kisara
= Data Recovery
= Random Access
= Copy Paste
= Wifi

Four Hours Universe
= Four Hours WIP, discontinued
= Bakura and the Beepy Thing of Doom

= Along Came a Bat: Y.n.Bakura x Y.n.Malik
= Bowful of Eggs: Jounouchi x Kaiba
= Boys and Girls: mild Anzu x Y.n.Yugi
= Clearer Picture: Weevil x Rex
= Connections: Yugi x Y.n.Bakura
= Cynicism
= Darktouch: Zorc x Y.n.Bakura
- Dreamer
= Fall: Kaiba x Y.n.Yugi
= For Simplicity's Sake: mild Jounouchi x Honda
= For the Fairest: mild Ryou x Keith, Y.n.Bakura x Kaiba, Kaiba x Y.n.Yugi
= Guardian: Ishizu x Shadi
= Happily Never-Ever After: Y.n.Yugi x Y.n.Malik
= Hex: Kaiba x Amelda and Kaiba x Y.n.Yugi
= I'll come back
= Inconsequential: Anzu x Shizuka, one-sided Anzu x Y.n.Yugi, Y.n.Yugi x Kaiba
= Irony: Anzu x Otogi
= Jack: Ryou x Y.n.Bakura
- Jounouchi's Birthday
- Kaiba's Birthday
= Leaning Towards Madness: Y.n.Bakura x Y.n.Yugi, Y.n.Bakura x TKBakura
= Like Dead: Mana x TKBakura
= Menagerie: Kaiba x Jounouchi, mild Y.n.Yugi x Yugi and Y.n.Yugi x Kaiba and Y.n.Yugi x Jounouchi
= Mornings Greetings: Y.n.Yugi x Y.n.Bakura
= Now and Then: mild Yugi x Arcana
= Playing 'Nicely': Y.n.Yugi x Y.n.Bakura x Y.n.Malik
= Pot of Gold: Mai x Duke
= Pyrocumulus: mild Kisara x Atemu, Seth x TKBakura
= Ragdoll: Kaiba x Shizuka and Y.n.Yugi x Kaiba
= Should You Choose to Accept It: mild Y.n.Bakura x Kaiba
= Speaking with Ghosts
= Step Lightly: mild Mai x Shizuka
= Stories: Ryou x Kaiba, Mai x Jounouchi and Anzu x Yugi
= Summer's End: Y.n.Yugi x Yugi and Yugi x Jounouchi
= Sunshine Days: mild Sugoroku x Arthur
= Taken: Y.n.Yugi x Kaiba
= That First Glimpse of Sky: Malik x Yugi
- The Motto
= The Sound of Drums: Mahado x Mana and Atemu x Seth
= To the Victor: Mai x Valon

= Both Sides of the Border *complete*: Y.n.Yugi x Kaiba and Y.n.Yugi x Y.n.Bakura
= Combined Silence WIP
= Down the Rabbit Hole WIP: Y.n.Yugi x Kaiba and Y.n.Yugi x Y.n.Bakura
= Little Gifts WIP: multipairing
= Lords of Misrule WIP: Y.n.Yugi x Kaiba
= Meltdown WIP
- Necromancy | 2 | WIP, hiatus
The Gingerbread House | 2 | WIP, hiatus
= The Tudor Rose WIP



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Feb. 21st, 2010 08:25 am (UTC)
*3* Why haven't I ever looked at this before? There's YuGiOh and Death Note and more Tsubasa a-and even a Tsubasa/FB crossover with Ayame~

If it wasn't 3:30 am I'd read these now.
Feb. 21st, 2010 01:12 pm (UTC)
Warning, some of this stuff (mostly the YGO) is...pushing five years old, now. ;; Beware the horrors of the deep and dark and murky past, when I first decided I wanted to write fanfics.
Mar. 5th, 2010 05:37 pm (UTC)
I fail at finding a post to comment to, so this one will do just fine?

Sending a line your way, telling you I rather enjoy some of your works and thought I'd snag you as a friend to keep myself updated with the things you write.

If there's any problems with this, let me know. I know how odd it can be to have random people add you. Pfft.
Mar. 5th, 2010 06:58 pm (UTC)
No problems at all - it's nice to meet you. ^^ It's great to be able to put an image to the random friending, because now I don't need to run around fretting about whether I've known you previously/somewhere else or not. Ah, I really fail at memorising things like that.;;; But - yes! Hi~!
Mar. 23rd, 2010 04:23 pm (UTC)
Oh lawdy lawd, I did not realize you had replied to my comment. I'm very sorry. Aside with having a hectic life, I just fail at noticing things.

Though, I just read "Vow" and loved it. Kind of reminded me of the fic I'm working on myself. But I won't tell you about that, you'll have to find out on your own when I post it. ;3
Apr. 15th, 2010 06:44 am (UTC)
Oh lord! I Adore ADORE the Nihon Series.

You´re a wonderful writer. The way you describe the relationship between Kuronage and Fai is sooo real and in character.

Can I hope for more?? Pleaseee! ;)

Jan. 31st, 2011 04:16 pm (UTC)
Just wanted to tell you how I absolutely adore your Kuro/Fai stories! I freaking ♥ them!
I will definitively look forward to more updates from you :)
Feb. 6th, 2011 03:17 am (UTC)
I'm slow as all hell in getting back to you, but thank you very much for all your kind words just recently! I'm glad you've been enjoying my stories, and just. ffff. ♥
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